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What is Hydrotherapy?

The use of water to revitalize, maintain and restore health. Water works as a natural stimulus on the body. It increases energy, resistance to disease and improves body awareness. Temperature change is essential.

Hydrotherapy is a stimulus-reaction-regulation therapy with the intention of normalising malfunctions by activating and strengthening the powers of the body to heal itself (supporting the internal doctor).


Why color? Color Therapy.

Why color? Color Therapy.

with FDA approved natural food coloring to enhance the psychological experience.

The Importance of Color Therapy

  • Also known as "Chromotherapy"
  • Colors have a special impact on the body's energy, balance and strengthen it's self-healing forces
  • Colors influence our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental states.
  • Internal studies at Kneipp® show a significant effect on the body when Kneipp ® Bath Oils contain color.
Why color? Color Therapy.


Cold Arm Bath

Cold Arm Bath

  • Ideally late morning or early afternoon
  • Fill wash basin with cold water (54° - 65°F / 12 - 18°C)
  • Immerse your arms until sensation of cold becomes noticeable (approx. 30-40 seconds)
  • Keep breathing deeply and regularly
  • Take arms out of wash-bowl and wipe water softly off your arms
  • Warm arms by putting on clothes or moving around


Effect: Strengthens body's defenses, stimulates circulation, improves blood circulation of myocardial muscle, refreshes in times of weariness and tiredness, soothes elbow pain.

Caution: Never taken an arm-baths when hands are already cold!



  • Make sure your feet are warm before trying this treatment
  • Starting with your right leg, spread water jet on the outer side upwards (starting at your ankle) and over hollow of the knee. Remain here for 2-3 seconds. Repeat the same just on front of leg and over knee.
  • Execute knee-affusion on left leg
  • To finish, flush both soles of your feet
  • Make sure to get warm after treatment


Effect: Strengthens body's defenses especially of pelvic organs, increased circulation of skin and muscles, decrease of blood pressure, helps calm down, promotes a sound night's sleep.

Caution when suffering kidney and bladder infections!


Water Treading

Water Treading

  • Fill tub or large bucket knee-deep with cold water
  • Make sure your feet are warm
  • March like a stork until sensation of cold appears (after 1-2 minutes)
  • Warm up afterwards (put on socks, move around)


Effect: Strengthens the immune system (inurement), helps refresh tired legs, helps with headaches, helps with high blood pressure, helps calm down, promotes a sound night's sleep.

Use this treatment with caution when suffering acute bladder and kidney diseases or acute alvus infections